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Sacred Treason
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"James Forrester captures the sights, smells and dangers of Tudor England and tells a gripping story."

Philippa Gregory





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The Final Sacramanert USA blog tour, 2013.

16 October 2013: Review by The Girdle of Melian: 'Under the fiction-writing pseudonym James Forrester, famed historian Ian Mortimer crafted a thrilling adventure through Tudor England in his Clarenceux trilogy... The Final Sacrament presents the gripping conclusion to this Elizabethan adventure, where religious tensions, political intrigue, and personal vendettas collide.'

18 October 2013: Review by Found Not Lost: 'This book, though a bit different from the first two, was still a good read... I loved the historical details, but aside from waiting around for the next attack from the female assassins, there just wasn’t as much excitement to this book as the other two. I liked reading about Clarenceaux’s thoughts on faith and relationships. I could see how his belief changes towards the end. Hell, mine would have changed long before that.'

23 October 2013: Review by Confessions of an Avid Reader: 'While The Final Sacrament isn't as action packed as Sacred Treason or The Roots of Betrayal, I think this novel is the strongest and best of the three. Clarenceux is faced with some difficult, heart-wrenching decisions in this book, and Forrester does an excellent job of conveying and communicating Clarenceux's thought process as he seeks to determine an appropriate course of action. Clarenceux's love for his family is clearly evident, but so too is his earnest desire to keep the secret document from getting into the wrong hands.'

24 October 2013: Review by Broken Teepee: 'This book, like the first two takes some serious liberties with history but the story is so good you really don't care. It's more of a character study than it is a retelling of late Tudor times. There is much to be considered on the nature of religion, loyalty, life, love and betrayal and how to live a life worth living. Mr. Forrester does an excellent job with creating mood and taking you into the minds of the characters - both those that existed and those he created. You are left thinking about what you would have done in similar situations. It was a very difficult book to put down and I must admit to a couple of very late nights reading. I'm very sorry to see the end of this particular journey into the reign of Elizabeth I.'

31 October 2013: Review by Radiant Light: 'The Final Sacrament is the concluding volume in the Clarenceux Trilogy. For me this was the best book of the three... Full of action, and great Tudor period mystery. If you enjoy the Tudor period this series is perfect for you. Highly recommended.'

December 2013: Review by Laura's Reviews: '[yet to be posted]'

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