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Sacred Treason
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"James Forrester captures the sights, smells and dangers of Tudor England and tells a gripping story."

Philippa Gregory



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Calshot Fort in the 18th century



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Roots of Betrayal USA blog tour, 2013.

9 May 2013: Interview with Historical Boys: 'Does your historical fiction convey a message or theme relevant to our world today? If so, what do you think it is? If not, how do you think readers can find common ground with the characters in your story?'

10 May 2013: Review by Bags Books and Bon Jovi: 'I was hooked from the first page and found that the mystery was all-encompassing. The author never varied from his story to include extraneous details or red herrings. The story was focused and the ending was perfect! It concluded this story but also left the door open for the conclusion to the trilogy.'

12 May 2013: Review by The Girdle of Melian: 'I almost feel guilty reviewing this book because I enjoyed it so much both as a story and as research - if only all research could be as exciting as this!'

14 May 2013: Review by The Book Reading Gals: 'If you love history, especially this time period this is one series you won’t want to miss, I know I’m glad I didn’t. Grade A.'

15 May 2013: Review by Reading Reality: 'Escape Rating B+: The Roots of Betrayal was every bit as much of an immersive experience as Sacred Treason. In some ways, it was better.'

16 May 2013: Review by Broken Teepee: 'Historical figures play prominently in this book; specifically Cecil and Walsingham and they do seem at odds at times which is a twist on how they normally appear in novels. It's a unique dynamic in a different take on a historical fiction book - adding in that thriller/suspense aspect that is generally not seen in the genre. It most certainly adds a page turning aspect to a familiar period in history and makes for a good read.'

17 May 2013: Review by Booksie's Blog: 'James Forrester has written a fast-paced, exciting historical adventure... Readers will thrill to the nail-biting suspense and admire the hero, Clarenceux, who is motivated by love of country and who uses his knowledge and logic to escape the various predicaments he finds himself in. This book is recommended for readers of historical fiction and for those readers interested in an intriguing suspense tale.'

20 May 2013: Review by Found Not Lost: 'I think the vision I had of Clarenceux from the first book changed a little in this second one. He became just a little more dashing in my mind’s eye. Perhaps it was influenced by the rogue Raw Carew, the pirate, who I think rather stole the show in this book. Reading some of the other reader’s reviews, I think I am not alone in being smitten by this pirate with morals. I would read a whole book about him and I am not even all that into pirate stories!'

21 May 2013: Review by Turning the Pages: 'James Forrester put forth a fantastic sequel and I really enjoyed the fast paced adventure and mystery that was between the covers of Roots of Betrayal. The writing was engaging, the plot was exciting and intricate set against a wonderful historical back drop and the characters were very well developed.'

23 May 2013: Review by Tanzanite's Castle Full of Books: 'Forrester is at his best when exploring the depths of human character and the inner turmoil, self justifications and doubt that go along with making life altering decisions. Clarenceux often struggles with what to him is right and wrong and the line between the two sometimes moves, causing him to reevaluate his beliefs and how far he is willing to go for them.'

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