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"James Forrester captures the sights, smells and dangers of Tudor England and tells a gripping story."

Philippa Gregory


Sacred Treason

Henry Machyn's chronicle

London in 1563


UK blogtour, 2010


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Sacred Treason USA blog tour, 2012.

8 September 2012: Review by Bookbag: 'Sacred Treason is rich with the sort of background which comes from knowledge rather than research. You'll smell the streets of London and you'll recoil from the brutality that was a part of everyday life.'

1 October 2012: Interview with Medievalists.net: 'You have now written both fiction and non-fiction books – do you find that there are differences in how you go about writing them, and do you find that one was easier (or more enjoyable) than the other?'

9 October 2012: Review by Jaffareadstoo: 'James Forrester has used his considerable skill as a historian and with impeccable research has created a truly believable Elizabethan world, and as you become immersed in the story, Tudor England with all its faults and failings is gradually revealed.'

10 October 2012: Review by Passages to the Past: 'Sacred Treason is a brilliant mystery adventure... There are just so many twists, hidden truths and character connections that there is nothing to be done but to keep turning the pages.'

11 October 2012: Review by Turning the Pages: 'Sacred Treason was one of those novels that took me completely by surprise. I was blown away by how much I enjoyed this book...'

14 October 2012: Interview with The Girdle of Melian: 'Is it difficult to decide how often to play with the language of the characters, that is, whether to have them use more modern words vs maintaining historical accuracy in their speech?'

16 October 2012: Review by Booklovers Inc: 'Reading Sacred Treason was like being completely immersed in the world of 16th Century England (without the smells). It was bracing and marvelous and compelling from beginning to end.'

22 October 2012: Review by Broken Teepee: 'Oooh, this one was a rip-roarer. Do not start it right before bed. You will not sleep. In fact I was about two thirds of the way through last night and I stayed up to finish it. I couldn't stop turning the pages. It's one of those books that gets your heart pumping!'

23 October 2012: Review by Marie Johansen (Books by the Willow Tree): 'As you might expect from one of Britain's premier historians, this book is a thriller that is impeccably fast paced, highlights superbly written plot lines and well developed characters that combine with Forrester's unique grasp on the historical facts to produce a novel that is gripping throughout and has the added benefit of an ending that is worthy of the book!'

24 October 2012: Review and interview by Radiant Light: 'Reading Sacred Treason was like being immersed in 16th century England in the midst of political turmoil. You could feel the tension and the plotting to keep Elizabeth on the throne through the pages.'

28 October 2012: Interview with the Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell: 'What made you chose this period in time to write about?'

29 October 2012: Interview with Laura Gerold (Laura's Reviews): 'Why did you decide to turn to writing historical fiction?'

29 October 2012: Review by Lucy Bertoldi: 'Packed with action and well researched history, James Forrester writes a novel that will capture the interest of those who love their history mixed with gruesome fighting, torture, mystery and suspense. '

30 October 2012: Review by Devourer of Books: 'Sacred Treason has an engaging plot and good characterization. These attributes, combined with Forrester’s extensive knowledge of the time period make Sacred Treason an easy book to pick up and get lost in...'

2 November 2012: Review by Auriette Lindsey (Fresh Fiction): 'Sacred Treason is good on so many levels. It's an edge-of-your-seat thriller, a mystery, a character study, and a historical drama.'

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