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Sacred Treason
The Final Sacrament

"James Forrester captures the sights, smells and dangers of Tudor England and tells a gripping story."

Philippa Gregory


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The Final Sacrament Reviews

'For twists and turns, codes and clues, Mr. Forrester beats Dan Brown, and when it comes to social detail, he is up there with Patricia Finney, and out of sight of the rest. Yet he's not a narrow stickler for academic accuracy, insisting, against Hilary Mantel, that what's important is not being authentic but being good. Information is only there to put you inside the Elizabethan mind-set, as if you were there yourself, exposes tot he stinks and betrayals and brutality of 16th-century London.' Wall Street Journal, 24 November 2013 (Tom Shippey)

'Dramatic... a vivid historical saga set against an enthralling Elizabethan backdrop.' (The Good Book Guide, 2012)